Monday, 12 April 2010

A little collage for a book project I am working on.


  1. Hey louise- yep no iplayer!!Like you said it's because of the tv licence- but i would happily pay the money to watch it.You'll have to give me updates :-) I like these birdies! :-)

  2. What a gorgeous, gorgeous blog! I've just added this to my blog roll (under UK style). Finally got a chance to come here, your comment about eating Parma Violets in a lila dress caught my eye. (I have such a strong image of them, but forgot what those candies were called!)

    Your style is brilliant. I see you're based in Norwich, do you know Sketchbook? You must talk to each other. There is a pop up shop off Carnaby Street going on til the end of this week, it's so your style. (contact details for them are on a recent post:

    Must figure out a way to do something with you.. a guest post or something..

  3. Gorgeous!! Guess what: sketchbook is extended a month. Definitely get in touch with them, maybe you could email them your art & they could display it.

    If you get a moment - I know this isn't the right platform for it, but if you'd like to read this post:
    and perhaps just comment & spread the word? Trying someething out.. thanks Louise!

  4. x i love your work so much x